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I don’t know about you, but it’s been a week. Between the ever-present and dramatic news updates, special elections, and life coming at us from all directions (including learning a very important lesson online), I need a little bit of levity to round out the week. Something to lift my spirits and bring in a little light. And for me, that is always dance. Nothing makes me feel lighter and more alive than cranking up a fun song, pushing my work aside,...

10 wintery chalets that offer sanctuary from the cold

pinterest roundup: chalets

With temperatures continuing to plummet, we have scoured our

A Beach House on the Mediterranean Coast by Laura Ortín Architecture

A Beach House on the Mediterranean Coast by Laura Ortín Architecture

Located on the Mediterranean coast in La Torre de la Horadada, Alicante, Spain,

Wintersmiths' Chris Little Shares His "Cocktailing in Vermont" Ultimate Gift Guide


selgascano extends second home’s london building with plant-filled rooftop space

Global skyscraper construction reaches all-time high thanks to new supertalls in 23 countries

More supertall skyscrapers were completed in 2017 than any...

New Innovative Adjustable Dumbbells Inspired by Russian Dolls

New Innovative Adjustable Dumbbells Inspired by Russian Dolls

Loupedeck Adds Tactile and Precise Lightroom Controls

Loupedeck Adds Tactile and Precise Lightroom Controls

If you’re a photographer or graphic designer that lives, breathes, and works in Adobe Lightroom...

Core77's Ultimate Gift Guide for Designers: Week 3 Winners

We've been on the lookout for the best Ultimate Gift Guides and have been rewarding our favorites with awesome rewards, including gift certificates and designer-approved products. It gets better—three Runner-Ups will each win a handy multitool from Leatherman, one Editor's pick will take home a set of double-ended art markers from Prismacolor, and one Community Choice winner with the most votes will win a Wacom Intous Pro Paper tablet!

This week, three submissions chosen by our editors have earned their curators a gift certificate to MOO and a spot in the running for the...

A Tool for Working Leather, Webbing, Canvas, Etc. by Hand: The Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

If you're prototyping things out of thick, flexible materials, this handy little tool might help. The Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl can...

A Show-stopping Apple Pie for the Holidays

When autumn comes around each year, I start to think of apples. And...

Paolo Soleri exhibition at SMoCA celebrates the architect's visionary ideas and legacy

Repositioning Paolo Soleri exibition

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is hosting a retrospective of work by the late, local architect

Study Answers: What Do Millennials Most Want in the Workplace?

The following post is brought to you by Capital One. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.

Study Answers: What Do Millennials Most Want in the Workplace?

What do the vast majority of millennials believe a workplace has to offer to inspire creativity and productivity? That’s the very question companies large and small are working hard to answer: Pixar’s headquarters is famous for the...

DIY Design for Hardware Organizing Boxes That Will Not Shift Around in a Drawer When One is Removed

It's fun watching different people's shop organization idiosyncrasies, seeing what drives...

Watch This Woman's Packing/Crafting Skills and Incredibly Creative Use of Materials

Because this tutorial started with "Squeeze 27 diapers into a frying...

reiulf ramstad arkitekter designs a copper tower in norway

Friday Five with Cindy Allen

Friday Five with Cindy Allen

Redshank artist's studio is a cork-clad cabin raised above a tidal salt marsh

Oil rigs, Maunsell forts and a wading bird provided the inspiration for this

Five exciting architecture and design jobs in the Netherlands

Laufen showroom in Madrid by Patricia Urquiola

There is a variety of job...

Need to Make the Most of Your Square Footage? Follow These 3 Tips for Designing a Multi-Use Space

multi-use space


salt sculptures rise after dead sea baptism of everyday objects: salt years by sigalit landau

nomadic resorts + bo reudler studio open eco-resort out of massive rounded boulders in sri lanka

ACTIU twists the workspace with rhythm, freshness and flexibility

dress code celebrates chermayeff & geismar’s 60 years of logos

15 Red Bedrooms That Will Ignite Your Passion In This Bold Color

A fiery shade of cherry or cranberry can truly transform a space. If you’re looking to create a dramatic splash in the home, then look no further than the inspiration that we’ve gathered here today. These 15 red bedrooms will ignite your passion in this bold color and have you dreaming...

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners begins work on Louvre art store in northern France

Rogers Stirk Harbour +...

giant hand carrying missile targets the UN in lorenzo quinn’s installation in miami

TOP 10 reader submissions of 2017 – public spaces

josh kline’s concrete apocalypse casts fears of technology in the future

Watch Bêka & Lemoine's movie Moriyama-San, about the owner of Ryue Nishizawa's Moriyama House

The film made by Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine about the occupant of

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