retro-influenced klipsch and capitol records’ special edition speaker


Canadian lake house by Paul Bernier features dark wood and rusted metal cladding

House on Lac Charlebois by Paul Bernier

Montreal architect Paul Bernier has completed a home clad in 

Aedas references traditional indonesian village life for unilever headquarters in jakarta


This Modern House In Costa Rica Sits Under A Dramatic Large Angled Roof

Cañas Arquitectos have designed this modern house in the Papagayo peninsula in Costa Rica, that's surrounded by forest and has water views.

Just What is a Tiki Torch, Anyway?

By now you've probably seen this image, which was created by Funny or Die:

While there's nothing funny about what happened at Charlottesville, more than a few pointed out the levity within the act...

The Dango Armchair Has Cushions That Can Be Removed And Used As Poufs

Agnieszka Kowal has designed 'Dango', a modern plywood armchair that has cushions that can be removed and used as poufs.

A Soap Opera Filmed in IKEA, a Look at a Fascinating Motorcycle from the 1990s and Lots of Nostalgic Architecture 

The Core77 team spends time combing through the news so you...

wonderwall’s vegeo vegeco nezu store in tokyo draws upon old japanese utilitarian shops


3322 Studio builds concrete home in Tel Aviv around enclosed patios

Huge windows and patios in this concrete house in

Ace & Tate's Copenhagen eyewear store features blocks of primary colour

Spacon & X design Ace & Tate's new Copenhagen eye-wear store to evoke an artist's studio

Spacon & X designed the interior for Ace & Tate's new glasses 

A Cape Town House on the Foot of a Mountain

A Cape Town House on the Foot of a Mountain

Situated at the foot of a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, House Sealion was...

Designing the Exoskeleton of a Medical Power Pack


Deadly Pleasures: The Devil’s in the Details of These Dark Miniature Scenes

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

Every dumb thing we humans do in this modern-day ‘civilized’ world is laid out in excruciating detail in these miniature scenes by artist Frank Kunert – not to mention our fears and anxieties. A row of public toilets is placed on a stage so strangers can watch you poop. A bride and groom poise at the end of a diving platform far too high above a pool, their friends and family watching below. A children’s slide empties onto a highway, and a bassinet is equipped with a desk so the little...

Tropico Photo + Best of the Web

Sometimes when big vacations aren’t in the budget, I like to...

10 of the best home workspaces from Dezeen's Pinterest boards

Dezeen Pinterest roundups: Home offices

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, cosy corner desks and minimalist furnishings are recurring features...

United Arrows & Sons x SearchNDesign Launch The Bifida Sneaker

United Arrows & Sons x SearchNDesign Launch The Bifida Sneaker

Japanese brand

Reader Submitted: A Student's Take on Designing an Electric Drill for Non-Professional Users

This stylish power tool improves the user experience and product...

kengo kuma-designed culture center in são paulo is japan house’s first outpost


A Lovely Kinda-Niçoise Salad + Giveaway


The New Yorker, Economist and Time reflect on rise of race hate in America with illustrated covers

Major magazine covers address race hate in America

A distinct theme has emerged from newly revealed covers for three of American's major current affairs 

House Milk BEFORE: Living Space Redesign with Emily Henderson

House Milk BEFORE: Living Space Redesign with Emily Henderson

Yep, I’ve gotten myself into another internet...

A Clever Piece of Graphic Design in Protest of the Current State of Affairs

Artist Mike Mitchell actually created this back in May, but it's suddenly more relevant now that our President has waffled on whether to denounce neo-Nazis and white supremacists.


Cadillac Brings VR Showrooms Ever Closer to Reality

Cadillac Brings VR Showrooms Ever Closer to Reality

Imagine this: you walk into a car dealership knowing exactly which car...

What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting Design*Sponge

This month marks the 13th birthday of Design*Sponge and I’m feeling, personally and professionally, both the weight and the wonder of those years. The first five or six years of Design*Sponge flew by in a flash. The Internet was booming, blogs seemed unstoppable and most everyone I knew was hopping online to talk and share ideas about home, creativity and this blossoming community. But, like everything in life, things change. Industries change, systems grow, burst and topple, and the way we do business (and life) seems to be rapidly evolving — and demanding more of us — at every turn.

I’m working on an updated State of the Blog Union post for next week, but today I wanted to take this 13th birthday to stop and look around. To remember what this all felt like when it was just me on my lunch breaks blogging about recycled felt furniture; to look at what I’ve learned and what I wish I’d known going into this job that turned into the career I never knew I wanted (or could have). So for anyone out there looking to start a blog, podcast, magazine or any other business that might go on to become your career, I hope these lessons learned can come in handy in building a place that you love for years to come. xo, grace

The biggest thing I wish I’d known before starting Design*Sponge is that starting a business at the age of 23 and expecting it — and you — to look and...

Traditional Washington boathouse by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer offers sweeping coastal views

Hood Canal Boat House by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Giant sliding doors allow occupants to take in the sunrise and sunset from this modest

Chilewich Debuts Its Fall/Winter 2017 Collection and a Special Limited Edition Collection

Chilewich Debuts Its Fall/Winter 2017 Collection and a Special Limited Edition Collection

Earlier this week, you

What Are the Practical Differences Between Different Tire/Rim Sizes?

I learned to drive on a five-speed Datsun 280ZX that had 195/70 R14 tires. (If you don't understand what those numbers mean, read this breakdown of tire codes.) Yes, 14-inch wheels sporting tires with high sidewalls. This was normal in the '80s, but nowadays the rage is to have beefier rims with low-profile tires, a trend that I suspect was advanced by car renderings. Every automotive renderer seems to draw rims that threaten to bottom out inside the wheel wells, with only the faintest sliver of black to indicate there's any rubber on them.

Nowadays you'd be hard-pressed to find...

margherita abi hanna preserves beirut’s modernist architecture through jewelry


Competition: win a book exploring Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture through the art of kirigami

Competition: win a book demonstrating the art of kirigami through the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

Dezeen has teamed up with Laurence King Publishing to

Friday Five with Grant Kirkpatrick

Friday Five with Grant Kirkpatrick

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