Studio Przedmiotu

Walker Warner Architects overhauls Silicon Valley building using industrial materials

Coffeebar by Walker Warner and Nicole Hollis

Metal, wood and concrete were used to revamp a...

The Milk Factory is Finally Open!

The Milk Factory is Finally Open!

Hey y’all. Since ICFF, we’ve been cooking up...

Here's How They Mill Handrails That Are Already Curved

I'd always assumed that curved wooden handrails were first milled, then steam-bent into shape. Turns out that's not always the case. German power tool manufacturer Scheer has modified their HM 17 router to work on square...

HubblePhone 2020 Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone with 5G Connectivity

HubblePhone 2020 Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone with 5G Connectivity

FLOS Architectural Redefines Track Lighting

FLOS Architectural Redefines Track Lighting

Have you ever been in the market for track lighting for your home or office? If so,...

Design Job: Flood Is Seeking Enthusiastic Designers Ready to Mix Strategic Thinking with Big Creative Ideas


Treewow Retreat is a Chinese village house featuring a round freeform roof

An irregular undulating roof tops this

Foster + Partners' Budapest tower will be built despite city's new skyscraper ban

MOL Campus by Foster + Partners

Budapest is to introduce a...

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Wood Textures in the Kitchen

Wood is a common material for kitchens, from cabinets to walls to countertops. You can also use wood textures in the kitchen in surprising ways to create some visual interest and a style all your own. You can use wood in unexpected ways or in unexpected places to make a statement in a space. So if you’re looking for something creative to do with a kitchen design, take...

Hideaway Solutions' Brilliant Fold-Out Kitchen Stairs

A Rhode-Island-based company called Hideaway Solutions has designed the Step 180, a clever and compact stepladder that seamlessly integrates into one's kitchen:

The seemingly simple device has a host of well-thought-out features:

Amazingly, it only takes up 1.5 inches of width within your base cabinets.

It might be a pain to retro-fit, but for the height-challenged...

Top 15 designs revealed in Dezeen and Samsung's TV Ambient Mode competition

Dezeen promotion: a virtual architectural extension, a window to other...

Lera Brumina renovates Minsk apartment to unite light and dark spaces

99 square-metre apartment by Lera Brumina

Kiev-based interior designer Lera Brumina has used contrasting textures and...

hug your old apple products with the iconic pillow collection

the org, a flexible modular system to replace homes for future generations, by florian marquet

Top five architecture and design jobs this week include Royal Academy and 5468796 Architecture

David Chipperfield's extension to London's Royal Academy

Our pick of the best architecture and design opportunities on 

the bold and the beautiful: dutch factory turns into vibrant restaurant, by studio modijefsky

aston martin recreates and gadget-equips 25 james bond goldfinger DB5

10 Spaces That Prove Plaid Is Definitely Back

Plaid may seem like the perfect winter décor due to its cozy aesthetics, but it’s actually quite the opposite the bold print works all year round and it’s officially making a comeback. Here are fresh new ways to incorporate the charming print throughout your home.

Kitchen Floors

Amy Shao imagines Herbalist Hotel where stressed Londoners can rest

Herbalist Hotel by Amy Shao

Royal College of Art graduate Amy Shao...



Al-Jawad Pike combines robust and affordable materials for extension to Peckham house

London architecture office Al-Jawad Pike used pigmented concrete blockwork for the exterior...

this home in ecuador is a lighthouse for the surroundings, by juan alberto andrade

in india, LIJO RENY’s ‘regimented house’ is immersed in nature

Esrawe completes glossy bar at Mexico City's Auditorio Nacional

Bar Auditorio Nacional by Esrawe

Shiny tiles gently curve across the ceiling of this

naturalbuild’s shanghai culture club promotes the ‘RV lifestyle’ to the chinese public

Pretty Abandoned: Tucson’s Lisa Frank Factory

[ By Steve in Abandoned Places & Architecture. ]


Viewing platform tops Felipe Assadi's Casa Cipolla on Chilean coast

Casa Cipolla by Felipe Assadi

The roof of this concrete house, by

ÍCARO residences by arthur casas are an extension of brazil’s natural landscape

steve roe’s vaporwave aesthetic captures a cyberpunk urbanism throughout asia

ÉCAL students create imaginative oil diffusers and wash bags for Aesop

A quilted washbag and a transparent oil burner are just some of the products...

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