Hollow brick shell encases glass-walled House SSK in Belgium

House SSK by De Baes Associates and Sophie van Noten

De Baes Associates and architect Sophie van Noten's House SSK is a steel...

mona kuhn captures intimate portraits of the human form in dreamy large-scale photographs

cole builds bear sanctuary in vietnam jungle of gabions filled with rocks from site

The Nest by Shaun Lockyer Architects

Shaun Lockyer Architects (SLa) have designed a modern family home near Brisbane, Australia, that's tucked away on a large bush block. #ModernArchitecture #ModernHouse

The Teepots Plant Stand Collection by Mauro Canfori

Mauro Canfori has designed Teepots, a minimalist plant shelving system. #Plants #HomeDecor #Shelving #PlantStand

Rock Bottom


thousands of seashells make up the delicate textural sculptures of rowan mersh

wHY Architecture creates "immersive" tent for first Frieze Los Angeles

Frieze Los Angeles by wHY

The inaugural

Reader Submitted: How a Ukrainian NGO is Improving Post-Soviet Children's Hospitals Through Design

For The Vlada Brusilovskaya Fund, contemporary interactive design is a way to improve service of post-Soviet children's hospitals. The charitable foundation has been collaborating with both young and experienced Ukrainian designers for three years, aiming to change the relationship between doctors, patients and their parents for the better.

Post-Soviet interior sickness nursed by therapeutic design

Children's hospitals built in the Soviet Union from 1950s to 1980s are easily confused with any other official governmental building of that time. Austere concrete, gloomy dirty-green corridors, uncomfortable waiting chairs on thin metal legs and aggressive red posters on the walls ordering patients around or, more often, prohibiting something... hospital interiors could be associated with a prison rather than with a place where help is found.

However, the first impression is not far from the truth. In Soviet times, architecture...

Watch footage of Universal Everything's immersive VR experience

Emergence VR film by Universal Everything


15 Interior Designs for Pet Lovers

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For pet lovers, animals are truly a central part of our lives. They give us companionship and joy. Our animals are even a part of the family. So it makes sense that some interior designs are taking that into account by incorporating pet needs right into the space. Some designs have pet beds that fit a room’s style, others have cat play areas right along the wall and still other designs build aquariums right into the room. Take a look below for some of the top interior designs for pet lovers. You may be inspired to put in some new designs to accommodate your pet, and your animal companions are...

Luxury Watch Brand’s Shinola Hotel Makes Waves in Detroit

Luxury Watch Brand’s Shinola Hotel Makes Waves in Detroit

The luxury brand Shinola, most often associated with premium watches and leather goods, has set foot into...

IBM researchers develop recycling tech that eats dirty bottles to make new plastic

IKEA to begin renting furniture as part of wider sustainable push

IKEA renting furniture greenwich news

IKEA has announced plans to...

BLACK ARTS Collection by Nicholas Hamilton Holmes

BLACK ARTS Collection by Nicholas Hamilton Holmes

At this year’s IDS Toronto, designer

Steven M. Johnson's Bizarre Invention #179: Socioeconomic-Class-Based Dining

"We should applaud Tate Modern's victory over the residents of Neo Bankside"

"We should applaud Tate Modern's victory over the residents of Neo Bankside"

If the residents of Neo...

Red brick and tinted concrete form CPDA's 139 Schultz housing block in Mexico City

139 Schultz by CPDA Arquitectos

Matching red brick and

These Are 5 Easy Home Maintenance Tasks That Will Save You Money

These days, everyone is looking to save money wherever they can. However, if you look around your house, it’s likely that there are home maintenance tasks that you’ve been putting off fixing and, in the meantime, are costing you your hard-earned cash. This post is all about how to tackle those issues once and for all. Read on below to see five easy, money-saving home maintenance tasks. If you take care of each one, it will go a long way towards putting money back in your...

True Design Launches ‘True Goes Through’ Furniture Collection

True Design Launches ‘True Goes Through’ Furniture Collection

Contract furniture brand

Good Design: Ten Examples of Great UX

What do laypeople consider "good design?" I'm not talking about the stuff MoMA sells at their store, I'm talking about the little everyday products and experiences we encounter. Here are ten examples that jumped out at...

Ford (Yes, the Car Company) Invents a Conveyor-Belt-Based Bed for Couples

As every couple that shares a bed knows, there is an...

make your mark with the fully customizable zegna my cesare sneaker

In Kansas, A Family Shows Appreciation for Unique Mid-Century Design

In Kansas, A Family Shows Appreciation for Unique and Smart Mid-Century Design | Design*Sponge

Robot Science Museum in Seoul will be built by robots

Robot Science Museum in Seoul by MAA

Melike Altınışık Architects has unveiled plans for a Robot Science...

OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE Shares Origin at IMM Cologne

OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE Shares Origin at IMM Cologne

There’s a reason furniture with clean lines and sharp angles continues to remain popular in the design world...

Dero's FixIt: A Small-Footprint Bicycle Repair Station

Minnesota-based bicycle rack manufacturer Dero describes themselves as "bike parking nerds." The company is obsessed with populating the world with bicycle infrastructure, and in addition to their focus on parking, they've also tackled the area of spot maintenance with their FixIt repair station.

The Fixit includes all the tools necessary to perform basic bike...

sidewalk labs taps snøhetta and heatherwick studio to design new toronto neighborhood

Noise-Cancelling Doghouse: Quiet Design Soothes Storm-Scared Canines

[ By WebUrbanist in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ]

Between fireworks and thunder, it can be hard to watch your best friend cower and howl when noises beyond your control dominate the soundscape. This noise-cancelling kennel aims to provide shelter from auditory...

Top 20 Before & Afters of All Time: #19 A Colorful MoHo Home

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